I cannot tell you of the day I was born for I do not remember much… And to describe everything that made me who I am today would take too long… I’ve also never been good at describing myself, especially in a few words. But if one must, one will try:

I love Art and I’ve discovered that that is because it had always fueled my curiosity in a very intrinsic and immediate way.

In my search for truth I’ve met Philosophy and we are very good friends. We talk a lot (in my head mostly) about things we have in common, stuff like anthropology for example. She helps me understand my passions which make them even more lovely.

I love fantasy, and by this statement alone I’d hope to explain enough, though I know better than to expect such a thing.

Anyhow, in lack of random things to say, I invite you to stick around, travel with me through places only our minds can reach. Who knows, we may become friends, you and I…