Disappointment… or not?

It’s been more than 25 years since the revolution has happened in Romania. A revolution that was supposed to open-minds, free-spirits and bring-hope… a revolution that would end communi…

Source: Disappointment

Ok, so I saw this and couldn’t help myself… Otilia beautifully writes here the average concerns of maybe a lot of romanians, but as I read the blog, I found that some arguments and ideas do not work for me. I also felt that the article’s mood regressed towards the end.

I think there are a lot of things to fuel our hopes, and this comes from a person who spends most of the time exclusively alone, who doesn’t watch/read the news and takes almost no notice of national/international politics. Maybe sometimes all we need to do is just distance ourselves from something and try to see things objectively. Sure there are a lot of prejudiced twats, in fact most of us are this way (more or less) and that is none of our fault. If we look at history, we can see why we are this way. There is no shame nor pride in who we are. We just are.

Although things did not change immediately after the revolution (which was to be expected), it seems that we are beginning to make progress now, and by that I’m saying that it should, by now be obvious. Every change in history happens over a long period and it takes into account so many circumstances. For example, most of my generation was influenced very early by american culture through television, books and especially music (which explains why we use so much english). But even an ignorant such as me, happens to come across the need for self knowledge at some point. And in that need one also stumbles into the roots of culture, that fragile and beautiful thing that got battered so many hundreds of years from every side and still holds itself upright and proud. It may lack self esteem, but a part of it’s unconscious accepts the fact that those scars are the ones that make it so beautiful.

I am not a patriot; never was, never will be. Like so many humanitarians across history, I feel that my place is where I choose to be and my duty is always towards humanity as a whole. But as I got a bit wiser over the years, as the american dream faded away in a morning in college, I accepted the reality that Romania is a beautiful country with beautiful people. I accepted the fact that I may as well live here.
I remember when I used to write punk songs that were actually a mixture between black, thrash and alternative metal. That attitude, was in a way just like the rants on facebook, vlogs, blogs or television. It was my way of saying that this country sucks and that I can’t wait to jump unto the shoulder of fame and leave this shithole. Maybe most of us think this way deep down, but that is just another perspective, no more true or false than any other.

We could still create a country the way we want it; it won’t be easy but it’s also not impossible. Instead of bashing our heads against the walls of this labyrinth, we could use our reason to find a way out. Everyone has a role in society, a place where one fits perfectly by being authentic (even if, like me, that person requires “A Room of One’s own”). I have hope that now, after all these years, more and more people will see that reforms are needed on every aspect of society. In our country everything is old because those who care, can’t and/or don’t know how; those who can, don’t know how and/or don’t care and so on… But as everything that is known to mankind can be changed, so can society-all we have to do is find a way to combine the:

I care;

-I know how;

-I can.

Sincerely, t.R. Atom!


One thought on “Disappointment… or not?

  1. You are right. I wrote the post when I was not thinking about all the aspects, and I got involved too personally in this. Things will get better and will evolve, it will just take time.

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