First blog post

Hello fellow atoms. There are thousands of things that I want to and will share with you along the years, but first I think it’s only fair to tell you who I am.

My name is not important, but you shall know me as Stihia, for I am the storm inside your heart, I am the fire that burns in the darkest corners of your mind. Some have called me a ghost over the eons, for I hunt relentlessly. I will bring your fears to life and ¬†will turn you into your own worst enemy (don’t take it personal, it’s just my nature-a wretched creature of darkness and despair, cursed to roam in search of peace, always at a finger’s length from it, never able to grasp). I will often speak to you as Gerald, a voice of reason that you can relate to but never quite approve of. As a thinker, it is his duty to show you the truth as harsh as it is, for your feelings are the least of his concerns. And last, but probably the one you’ll meet more often is Oliver. I know him to be a gentle creature, a passionate soul. A man of noble heart that seeks solace in truth and happiness in the beauty of things. He is an artist himself which makes him naive-you will perhaps forgive this of him as his intentions are, at the least, as pure and innocent as the human nature allows one to be.

With this in mind, I welcome you into this space of mine where my thoughts and feelings will take the shape of letters. This is my gift to you, my solace, my happiness and a way to materialize and keep my desires in check.

Yours truly, anotherRandomAtom!